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The English Business Council offers services that are practical, relevant and effective – benchmarking all that’s best about English business.

There are many ways of establishing a business in the UAE, and it can be a daunting task deciding what will work best for you. At the English Business Council, we work with consultants and lawyers who have been in the UAE for many years, with experience of actually having established and operated their own companies – who know what it’s really like to get things done (and what are the pitfalls).

  • In-depth knowledge of the Gulf region
  • Unrivalled insight into the way business operates in the UAE
  • Contacts across the board, in every industry sector
  • Detailed knowledge of government departments, law and licensing in all emirates
  • Experience in establishing companies in all UAE jurisdictions

English Business Council


The English Business Council has been established to project the qualities of professionalism, pragmatism, integrity, and transparency that are seen internationally as hallmarks of English business. Enjoying 1,000 years of democracy and the Rule of Law, England’s legacy of stability and entrepreneurship makes it a preferred trading partner for many Fortune 500 businesses and for the world’s most dynamic commercial cultures. For more than 60 years, the English have had a high level of involvement with the UAE, and there is booming bilateral trade, a large British population and two-way tourism. 

The British Government’s Department for International Trade has a major presence in the UAE – which is the UK’s largest export market in the Middle East and the 13th biggest globally, exporting goods and services valued at $10 billion per year. Yet paradoxically, while the devolved Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish administrations have offices in Dubai and missions outside of the UK, English companies haven’t had a representative body supporting their interests – and hence, the English Business Council was born.

Become An EBC Partner

The English Business Council offers to its supporters many services to help them grow their business, export to other countries and test the water before diving in.


International Market Research

We help you develop a deep understanding of your ecosystem, to tap your current and target overseas markets for profitable growth. Read more.

Cultural Intelligence

We improve your organization’s cultural intelligence – building a capacity for rewarding relationships that can enhance your business goals and boost negotiation skills. Read more.

Strategic Advice

We help you build and implement the right strategy for taking your business beyond borders with clear, achievable objectives which mitigate risk.

Finding Partners

Marrying the right business partner to grow your organization’s presence and capabilities can be crucial to new market success. We match-make with profitable results.

Marketing Knowledge

A Marketeer’s toolkit is at its most powerful when its tools are used creatively and in the right sequence. We complement your existing teams with international insights.

Corporate Diplomacy

Building long-lasting and profitable relationships in new markets can be difficult. We challenge assumptions about the practices and expectations which get in the way of the best business outcomes – and help you reap the benefits!

A a collection of leading-edge articles from the world’s most reputable sources – and from up-and-coming Millennials and Generation K journalists in touch with the changes ‘on the ground’. Our galaxy of features describe how industries, climates and technologies are shifting – and the solutions that the change-makers are creating to develop new markets, new products and new solutions.

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