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China at the forefront of global AI

Since China announced its AI development plan in 2017 the government has accelerated its AI plans on many levels. The scale of the progress in just a few months is breathtaking. Given the resources being and pure willpower that the Chinese government is putting behind their efforts, China will be well placed to be a global giant in this field.

China’s AI Agenda Advances

author: Elsa Kania

February 14, 2018

Going forward, it is clear that China will be at the forefront of the global AI revolution, though uncertainties remain about its future trajectory and prospects to realize its ambitions. Certainly, AI could transform society and the economy in China in positive ways, from education to healthcare. So far, there have tended to be higher levels of optimism and enthusiasm about AI in China, which may leapfrog the rest of the world in many of these applications. For instance, plans for hundreds of smart cities, such as Xiongan New Area outside of Beijing, could result in futuristic metropolises in which 5G, AI, big data, the Internet of Things, and cloud computing are pervasively integrated into urban development to enhance energy, transport, and overall quality of life.

However, at the same time, it can be difficult to disentangle this expansive AI agenda from the Chinese Communist Party’s priorities and attempts to assure state security through bolstering its capacity for social control. Indeed, the creation of smart cities is linked to and will enhance social management.  For better and worse, China’s trajectory in AI will be transformative, within its borders and perhaps worldwide.

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