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Democracy at Risk in a new Global Order

The world appears to be erratically evolving to a new political order. In particular, the decline of the framework of democracy as a political system and the slow loss of economic power and leadership by the United States are two of a number of trends at work that make the world political order difficult to predict in the future.

Of late we are clearly seeing the persistent  decline of the influence of institutions such as the United Nations without there being a replacement. Institutions such as the UN that in the past would have applied a break to some of the worst excesses of different political regimes or held in partial check wayward nations now seem toothless and are treated with contempt by some nations. The recent conflict in Syria has shown the damning inability of the United Nations to intervene and bring to bear some kind of solution that has too many countries involved and too many casualties on a daily basis.

The start of what seems like a trade war between the US (that is losing its global economic dominance) and the EU and China (who are empowered by their own scale) is a further manifestation of where decade-old global agencies such as the WTO are ignored and circumvented.

In the enclosed excellent article from the Brooking Institute the authors Torrey Taussig and Bruce Jones explore the decline in democracy around the world. Worryingly they end with words…..

“These consequential trends leave democracy, and the future of the international order, in a contested state of flux. Previous eras characterized by a recession of powerful liberal states—read: the 1920s and 1930s—proved catastrophic not only for democracy around the world, but also for economic prosperity, global peace, and stability. We are far from this reality, but we must pay close attention to trends that would move us further down that road.”

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