African demographics – a near 50% growth of those people available for work but a doubling of the over 65s by 2030.

Africa has both a significant opportunity with a growing and youthful population but also a challenge from an increasing number of older people. A useful study of the issues comes from African Development Bank. Although a little dated (2010) the document sets out the massive opportunity for Africa from the increasing population of young people entering the workforce. However not to be forgotten is the more that doubling of the population over the age of 65 from 2010 to 2030.

However not all of Africa is looking forward to a positive demographic phase in the coming years. South Africa has some particular demographic issues. According to a report in South Africa’s Sunday Times government statistics South Africa faces an economic dilemma as two of its most dependent population groups – small children and the elderly – are growing while the number of people making up the workforce is declining. Even with the working population unemployment is high only increasing still further the number of dependent and hence economic non-active people in the population.

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