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Apple reacts to the critique of the iPhone factory

Apple replied to a campaign group study criticizing working circumstances in a plant where iPhones are produced.

Foxconn employees did not receive bonuses, were created to do overtime, and too many temporary employees were recruited, according to the study. Only 10 percent of a workforce may be temporary under Chinese law.

Apple acknowledged the “surpassed [ its ] standards” amount of temporary employees but rejected the other allegations. The campaign group, China Labor Watch, said its researchers had been working at the plant in Zhengzhou for more than four years, and one individual on the team had been there.

It claimed that 50% of the factory staff, some of them students, were temporary and did not receive promised bonuses.

“We confirmed that all employees are adequately compensated, including any overtime salaries and bonuses, all overtime work was voluntary and there was no proof of forced labour,” said Apple in a statement.

Last month, Amazon said it would explore the amount of young interns working lengthy hours to produce Echo phones, also in Foxconn factories, after comparable claims had been made by China Labor Watch. Foxconn said it had reviewed its activities and discovered that it was addressing “some problems of compliance with the workers.”

“No proof of forced labor has been found at any moment and we can confirm that there are presently no interns working overtime at this facility,” he said in a declaration provided to AFP. For other brands, Foxconn produces the iPhone and other electronic devices.

Article originally featured in BBC.

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