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Climate change El Nino and links to earth’s rotation could unleash major earthquakes.

According to data presented to the Geological Society of America, the earth is entering a prolonged phase of slower rotation in 2018 represented by a slightly longer day. This slowdown in the Earth’s rotation rate is seen to be influenced by changes in weather patterns such as El Niño, ocean currents and movement in the earth’s molten core. (occur3nce of EL Nino)

Geophysicists at the University of Montana in Missoula, looked at the history of earthquakes of magnitude 7 or greater since 1900. They identified a relationship between the Earth’s rotation rate and the rise in the occurrence of major earthquakes. On average there were15 major earthquakes per year, however in some periods which coincided with a slowdown in the earth’s rotation the occurrence of major earthquakes rose to 25-35.

Data collected by NASA which tracks the length of day to the microsecond allows scientists to predict this slowdown up to 5 years in advance which may assist communities in known earthquake zones. However, scientists currently do not have the ability to predict a more precise location.

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