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DNA sequencing goes portable

DNA testing is going portable. Until very recently the testing of DNA was still much based on laboratory work. DNA sequencing has fallen in cost from over $1m to less than $1000. This further breakthrough opens the way for DNA sequencing to become mainstream with positive outcomes for medicine in general.

For some years DNA sequencing has been coming down in price. This has allowed researchers to use DNA sequencing more routinely in discovering ailments and accurately and effectively treating them. However, until very recently the testing of DNA was still much based on laboratory work.  However, in a new breakthrough an academic study published in the nature biotechnology magazine a test of a new handheld device to sequence DNA, literally in the field, proved very successful. A new device built by a company by the name of Oxford Nanopore was shown to be 99.5% accurate. Importantly the machine is able to sequence long strands of DNA making it more accurate than budget machines that have often been only able to handle short strands.

The ability to cheaply and speedily sequence DNA particularly in such a portable way opens up a whole new access point to important information for doctors. It will enable more the more rapid and accurate treatment of issues in the past might have laid undiscovered or would not have been found in a timely manner.

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