Evidence of old versus young battle lines being drawn

In the UK the result of the Brexit vote that pitted older Brexiters against younger ‘stayers’, was yet another manifestation of the growing gap between the young and old in the UK. Such a phenomenon is not just being seen in the UK but in Europe and the United States. There is increasing evidence that battle lines are being drawn on new fronts. In the UK, should a general election arrive earlier than slated, younger voters may carry Jeremy Corbyn to 10 Downing Street. Young UK voters feel disenfranchised by low starting salaries, high housing costs and their parents voting them out of the EU.

In a very good article in Albert Sabter, Elspeth Grahamand Nissa Finney point to evidence that not only are young and old at odds with each but they are increasingly living in different areas. The lack of integration of age groups can only exacerbate differences of opinion and make for a more antagonistic environment for debate and discussion of issues that affect everyone. as they say….

“Understanding and addressing the trends and consequences of residential age segregation is an important social challenge that needs to rise up the political agenda. Whatever the response, it must take care to avoid the narrative of “apocalyptic demography” that constantly pits one generation against another. Instead, we need to see these changing demographics as an opportunity to reconnect different age groups and shape society in a way that is more cohesive for all.”


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