Founder’s Message

A note from the Founder & CEO – David Burns, MBE

“My decision to set up the English Business Council really results from two core themes that have very much defined my working life. Firstly, my commitment to the UAE, where I’ve worked with a wide range of businesses – from multinationals to my own companies – and still feel passionate about the opportunities on offer. In fact, I first visited what is now the UAE in 1968, when a military plane on which I was a young soldier was forced to land at an RAF base in Sharjah. Since my return some years later, I’ve been honoured to be Chairman of the British Business Group, the Royal British Legion and the Dubai St George’s Society. In fact, I was awarded the MBE for services to the business community in the UAE and for strengthening UK-UAE relations. The UAE has been such a thread in my career, that when I was presented with the MBE at Buckingham Palace, I was able to remind Her Majesty The Queen that we had met previously on her visit to the UAE in 1978!

“I’ve always been proud of the positive image that England conjures up, even in some very remote places. Honesty, trust, quality and reliability and just some of the virtues that are frequently mentioned. Britain’s role in the world has changed dramatically over the last 100 years but even among the younger generation England enjoys an amazingly high, positive, profile (perhaps largely thanks to our football teams – go to any village in Asia and you’ll see somebody wearing a Premier League shirt!).

Setting up the English Business Council has been a long-held ambition of mine during my long business career in the UAE, and elsewhere in Asia. “Made in England” is a stamp of excellence and I want the English Business Council not simply to project values such as professionalism and integrity to the world, but to make them a reality for all our cients, too. On this website, you’ll get an idea of the wide range of services we provide, and I want to emphasize – above all – that we really are here to help. Due to an exceptional outreach to world-class professionals in just about every discipline and industry sector, we have the capacity not only to facilitate your business’s expansion to the UAE, but to inform that move with effective market intelligence – and then to empower your business with tried and tested strategies for growth and market presence. A very warm welcome indeed.”

Setting up the English Business Council was a long-held ambition of David’s during his long business career both in the UAE and elsewhere in Asia.


International Market Research

We help you develop a deep understanding of your ecosystem, to tap your current and target overseas markets for profitable growth. Read more.

Cultural Intelligence

We improve your organization’s cultural intelligence – building a capacity for rewarding relationships that can enhance your business goals and boost negotiation skills. Read more.

Strategic Advice

We help you build and implement the right strategy for taking your business beyond borders with clear, achievable objectives which mitigate risk.

Finding Partners

Marrying the right business partner to grow your organization’s presence and capabilities can be crucial to new market success. We match-make with profitable results.

Marketing Knowledge

A Marketeer’s toolkit is at its most powerful when its tools are used creatively and in the right sequence. We complement your existing teams with international insights.

Corporate Diplomacy

Building long-lasting and profitable relationships in new markets can be difficult. We challenge assumptions about the practices and expectations which get in the way of the best business outcomes – and help you reap the benefits!

The EBC’s associates have many years’ experience working in the UAE in a variety of fields and understand the realities of doing business at the sharp end.

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