Growing your business

If you would like to know more about how the English Business Council can assist your business with ongoing promotional and strategy support, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


International Market Research

We help you develop a deep understanding of your ecosystem, to tap your current and target overseas markets for profitable growth. Read more.

Cultural Intelligence

We improve your organization’s cultural intelligence – building a capacity for rewarding relationships that can enhance your business goals and boost negotiation skills. Read more.

Strategic Advice

We help you build and implement the right strategy for taking your business beyond borders with clear, achievable objectives which mitigate risk.

Finding Partners

Marrying the right business partner to grow your organization’s presence and capabilities can be crucial to new market success. We match-make with profitable results.

Marketing Knowledge

A Marketeer’s toolkit is at its most powerful when its tools are used creatively and in the right sequence. We complement your existing teams with international insights.

Corporate Diplomacy

Building long-lasting and profitable relationships in new markets can be difficult. We challenge assumptions about the practices and expectations which get in the way of the best business outcomes – and help you reap the benefits!

Bespoke International Consultancy Services

Our capabilities have been developed through years of international corporate and consulting experience – providing solutions for the fundamental problems facing our clients in their international operations.

Bespoke International Operational and Business Development Support

Solutions (operational and/or tactical), scoped and tailored to the company’s individual business needs. These can include field-based activity and/or higher level operational/planning and implementation activities or interim Export/International Management roles.

Focused Individual Country or Regional Market Support

Tailored operational work (including country visits on your company’s behalf) focused on key geographical regions, furthering your company’s international business development.

International Marketing and Planning Support

Again tailored to the company’s requirements. Both at the strategic and more tactical marketing levels (competitor analysis, market positioning, targeting etc. and/or marketing communications planning).

International Marketing Planning

The political, economic, environmental, legal and social structure of a country, along with its level of technological advancement, should be carefully assessed in order to build the synergies that can properly predict and deliver return on investment. We can create a bespoke document with the wealth of practical information and guidance needed to make the all-important leap into a new international market!

Marketing Communications Services

If you would like to know more about how EBC can assist your business with ongoing marketing communications support then please contact us to discuss your requirements.

PR Strategy & Implementation

We can develop fully tailored Public Relations strategies that reflect an expert understanding and fluency of local media and its demographic usage – putting your name in front of key decision-makers with optimum frequency.

Social Media Management

Today, social media is an indispensable part of the marketing mix and plays a core role in building ambient awareness, putting your brand front-of-mind to prospects and differentiating your services from competitors. We can help with every aspect of the social media agenda, from campaign creation to implementing and delivering the actual program.

E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing can play an active role in both customer retention and acquisition. E-newsletters encourage customer loyalty and repeat sales as well as providing an array of cross-selling opportunities. Email marketing is also very effective for businesses at key stages of growth, who wish to reach new target audiences or introduce new products and services to the market. 

Website Content Strategy & Creation

Website content strategy is the planning, development, and management of content which will engage with your target market. Content that is interesting, useful, enjoyable and shareable will not only delight your audience but also greatly assist with search engine rankings. Website content can include copy, news articles, blogs, videos, photo galleries and more. 

The EBC’s associates have many years’ experience working in the UAE in a variety of fields and understand the realities of doing business at the sharp end.

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