Japan- leading the world on robotic solutions for an ageing population

We continue to be encouraged by how much the Japanese are focussed on finding solutions for their ageing population problems. As an industrial heavyweight, their application to the problem immediately at hand bodes well for the rest of the world as they face up to the challenges in the coming decades. Much as Japan led a transformation of global manufacturing they have application, capabilities and funding to lead the world in the long-term care of an ageing population and robotic solutions.

Toyota Motor Corp is looking at becoming a mass producer of robots to help the elderly. In April 2019 the company announced plans to commercialise rehabilitation robots. These robots help patients to learn how to walk again after suffering strokes and other conditions. Naomi Tajitsu at the Independent has a good take on the impact of Toyota’s development

Toyota has already developed robots on many fronts. In November 2017 the Toyota unveiled its third generation humanoid robots. They are developing ways for new robotic technologies to safely manage interactions between robots and their surrounding. The company have created systems that allow the mapping of human physical reactions that can be applied to the mechanics and systems of a robotic solutions. Importantly the system allows for the control of force exerted by the robot- particularly important when dealing with elderly people.

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