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Many 2015 Disruptors Now Already Mainstream

When you look back at what people considered to be the cutting-edge technologies that experts felt were going to change the world you realise just how far we have come in recent years. Back in 2015 Fortune magazine published McKinsey’s list of the top 12 disruptive tech trends. Today many of these technologies still look relevant but are no longer cutting edge, indeed you could say that some have even become mainstream

  1. Energy storage
    Still challenging
  2. Genomics
    Mainstream in the healthcare sector
  3. Advanced materials
    Being applied in consumer products
  4. Autonomous vehicles
    Trials under way if not complete and the rollout upon us in just a few years
  5. Renewable energy
    Mainstream in most countries especially true of many emerging markets
  6. Advanced robotics
    Certainly robotics is getting more and more advanced at a pace, but consumers can now buy advanced robotics in a retail store
  7. 3D Printing
    Now a consumer product
  8. Mobile internet
  9. Internet of things
    More physical objects are getting connected to the internet to allow remote control of consumer items for example
  10. Automation of knowledge work
    Internet of things
  11. Cloud technology
    Ordinarily used by consumers and industrialists
  12. Advanced oil and gas exploration and recovery.
    At that time the International Energy Agency believed that the US would be the world’s largest producer of oil by 2020. The US may now become the largest producer in 2019 and this has been achieved in an environment of much lower interest rate than previously envisaged.

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