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Merging disruptive technology

Merging disruptive technology is the new game in town in 2018. In an update from Gartner’s David Hamilton Ulmer he stated that they see 2018 as a year when themes such as Artificial intelligence (AI)and  Augmented Reality (AR) are combined in products. AI is so talked about you would have thought it was in general use for a decade, but it has emerged as the concept that most want to build into their product or service. Mr Ulmer believes there will be a proliferation of very smart devices that are second-guessing your every movement and desire and interacting with you. Youtube is now filled with people, particularly the aged, interacting with smart robots as they go about their daily lives.

The pace of the use of AI is accelerating merely because with the passage of time data is being collected more broadly, more systematically and with speed. In simple statistics the greater the size of your sample the more accurate will be the inferences you draw from it. Technology is enabling a far broader and deeper collection of data. People watching has taken on a whole new meaning as cameras assess not just what we do, but the way we do it.

Gartner expects a merging or swarming of technology where any situation can be assessed, diagnosed and monitored from every angle. Multiple devices of different disciplines could be working together. Think of it in the human form with touch, feel, hearing and taste combining to assess any situation.

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