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MIT announces top 10 technology breakthroughs

MIT has announced its top 10 technology break throughs

3D metal printing

Companies are already shipping machines for under $100,000. Some machines are 100 times faster than traditional metal printing methods.

Artificial Embryos

Allows for the potential study of the early days of human life.

Sunsing City

A collaboration between Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs based in New York and the Canadia government. A development to be built on Toronto’s industrial waterfront. Autonomous driving, robots roaming around, a city built around technology, not technology fitting an historic dated infrastructure.

Artificial Intelligence for everyone

AI cloud services would bring AI to the masses. Companies who want to use AI struggle to get access to the technology and to find people capable of implementing an AI strategy.

Dueling Neural Networks

The approach called generative adversarial network (GAN) takes two neural networks and pits them against each other.  Put simply the exercise has allowed the systems to create celebrity photos of people that don’t exist but to the human eye appear to be credible celebrities. Another research group made”not unconvincing” fake paintings. A further comment gives the essence of the development “GANs are beginning to understand the underlying structure of the world they see and hear”

Babel-Fish Earbuds

Earbuds which when used with a phone give you instant translation whilst talking to someone.

Zero-Carbon Natural Gas

A pilot plant appears to be able to produce energy from natural gas with near-zero carbon emissions and at a competitive cost.

Perfect Online Privacy

The tool is an emerging cryptographic protocol. Look out for zk-SNARK (for zero knowledge succinct non-interactive argument of knowledge). In essence, it will give the ability to prove something is valid without the need to reveal underlying information.

Genetic Fortune-Telling

Scientists will use your genome to make predictions about your risk of contracting various genetic diseases.

Materials’ Quantum Leap

Ever more powerful computers will take us into the realm of analysing incredibly difficult matters such as molecules

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