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No longer freezing at the North Pole

We are witnessing record warm conditions at the North Pole. Temperatures in the 30-40’s ° F (above 0° C) in February may not on the face of it suggest unusual conditions. However, these record-breaking observations come from the northernmost land-based weather station in the North Pole at Cape Morris Jesup, in the middle of an Arctic winter.

Scientists believe this ‘warm air intrusion’ event is driven by two weather systems blowing towards the North Pole. Mild and moist air from the Atlantic coupled with winds from the South East driving mild and moist air northwards.

This northerly warm airflow is also linked to two recent extreme Arctic Sea Events; the opening of the Chukchi Sea and the opening of sea ice North of Greenland which is still growing according to observations by the OSI-SAF. In February, Danish scientists recorded temperatures on occasion 45° F higher than average for the time of year, the warmest spike on record since 1958.

Scientists warn these types of warming events have increased in terms of frequency and duration. Temperatures in the Arctic are warming at twice the rate of the rest of the globe and the Northward ice sheet continues to retreat.

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