Older people’s aspirations will matter and may disturb the current political consensus

It would be wrong to underestimate the hopes and aspirations of older people when considering potential political shifts in the future. Older people will represent a key constituency in the future maybe at odds with the younger crowd. Older people may vote for fiscal looseness to fund ballooning social security and health budgets while younger people may prefer fiscal tightness as this typically lowers taxes and/or interest rates.

A follow up paper to the Second Assembly in particular highlighted the need for a strengthening of the human rights of older persons. It is counter intuitive to think that older people need protecting given that in many cultures ‘elders’ are afforded high esteem purely based on age. However, the UN report outlined ‘discrimination and ageism, poverty, violence and abuse, and the lack of specific measures and services for older persons today, and in the future.’

Much of the recent political discussion has stressed the need to represent the young. Country leaders particularly in Europe, but also seen more recently in the Middle East, have agenda’s that particularly talk to a young agenda. As the numbers of retirees or those later in life build there could be a wide bi-polarity of views on policy.

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