One of the biggest disruptions that could impact the human world is that of anti-ageing

Some scientific work suggest that a ‘cure’ for ageing is not just possible but also within a reasonable time frame, whilst others believe it to be impossible. As a good primer for recent work on anti-ageing and even ageing reversal see the following article from the BBC.

In an interview scientist Juan Carlos Izpisúa explains the extent of his life-time work to treat premature ageing and age-related diseases which in recent years has inevitably led to hopes for extending life. In the same article Maria Blasca author of “Die Young at 140” explains the process by which she has managed to extend the lives of mice by 40% and how the process might be applied to human beings.

On the other hand Joanna Masel a professor of ecology ad evolutionary biology at the University of Arizona contends that “Ageing is mathematically inevitable – like seriously inevitable. There’s logically, theoretically, mathematically no way out”. A simple summary of their view is that as our bodies age some of our good cells weaken whilst bad cells star to multiply some of which cause cancer in the body. If we get rid of the weakening cells we only strengthen the hand of the bad cells. They agree that ageing can possibly be slowed down but they disagree that is can be stopped.

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