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President Trump’s disruptive tweeting undermines his office’s authority

President Trump’s twitter account is disrupting the whole concept of Presidential communication. Some commentators even suggest that the style and substance of his communication may even be undermining the credibility of the President’s office and indeed the constitution of the USA. Past, modern-day President’s would be coached by their staff through their term of office with carefully prepared dialogue and limited on-the-record free thought.  President Trump’s rhetoric appears without much control, a more shoot from the hip style. We will not know until another President takes office whether President Trump has disrupted tradition and we can look forward to a different way that the US Presidential office communicates with the nation, or this will be a one-off.

Some commentators such as Greg Weiner at the New York Times argue that the President’s form of communication could be taking away “the scaffolding that supports the otherwise fragile words of our written Constitution”. President Trump’s derision of custom, through this impulsive tweeting, only undermines the very office he thinks he upholds. Mr Weiner concludes “The unique arrogance of Mr. Trump’s rejection of the authority of custom is more dangerous than we realize because, without custom, there is no law.”

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