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Think smart home not just a robotic slave

In an interesting interview with Verge, Colin Angle the CEO of iRobots maps out why we should think more about how a robot in our home can interact with a smart home rather than just having a robot as a ‘hired help’. The vision is to have an intuitive smart home rather than just a robot moving around the home doing menial tasks. For Colin the crucial factor to realise the concept of the smart home is to map the home out so that the plethora of smart devices that are either on the market or are coming to the market can interact together. To that end iRobot has a device that can map each room and the smart devices in them. iRobot wants to be the aggregator of spatial awareness data in a home and in effect be the enabler of bring to bear in an efficient way the technology that sits in the home. Our homes in the future will need sensors with inputs of data enabling the efficient use of things such as heating, light, and security. Encouragingly the company is putting a great deal of emphasis on building trust with their customers. Nobody would want to share data on their innermost sanctuary of the home.

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