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Sainsbury is reinstalling tills in a till-free shop

Tills were reinstalled in a till-less experimental shop opened by Sainsbury’s supermarket.

Removing the entire checkout area had been completely renovated, freeing up shop assistants to assist shop floor clients.

Using the Sainsbury Pay & Go app, customers had to scan their food, paying for them as they walked around the store.

But it led in lengthy queues at the helpdesk as individuals were traditionally trying to pay for their groceries.

Sainsbury’s said the experiment had taught “an enormous quantity.” Clodagh Moriarty, Group Chief Digital Officer at its Holborn shop, said managers “were excited to know how our clients react to the app experience.”

But this week, Sainsbury said in a blog post: “It’s clear that not all of our customers are ready for a totally till-free store.”

The Holborn shop and eight others across London still have the option to pay via app.

Article originally featured by BBC.

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