Sarah Thomas: Woman first to swim Channel four times non-stop

An American woman has become the first individual to swim English Channel non-stop, four times.

Sarah Thomas, 37, started the epic challenge in Sunday’s early hours and completed over 54 hours later. The ultra-marathon open water swimmer-who finished breast cancer treatment a year earlier-devoted her swimming to “all survivors out there.”

Ms Thomas was pushed back on the final leg by powerful tides but completed around 06:30 BST on Tuesday.

Three times before, only four swimmers had passed the Channel without stopping.

No-one had ever finished a fourth leg before Ms. Thomas.


Official observer Kevin Murphy said: “It’s a triumph, she’s been testing the boundaries of endurance. We were very emotional at the end.”

Ms Thomas celebrated with champagne and chocolates entering the record books and entering dry land.

She had breast cancer therapy last year and her support group said she “used swimming as her therapy method.”

In 2007, Ms Thomas finished her first open-water event and swam through the Channel in 2012 and then in 2016.

Article originally featured by BBC.

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