Seriously (!) – it’s time to get Disruptive!

A question from the Founders of – are you really going to let AI take all the credit for disrupting your life? Surely it’s time to fight back? Try disrupting your own life! You really don’t need AI to make things difficult, when we humans have a fantastic track record of doing that for ourselves…

Here’s what we recommend, because we all have to behave irregularly, way out of our comfort zone… Here are eight Disruption events you can get started with –

  1. Walk with a limp all week
  2. When you catch the train to work start by going in the wrong direction.
  3. Search for things on the internet you would never ever buy
  4. Look up the scores or news of really obscure sports teams.
  5. Sign up for newsletters you would never ever read
  6. Make a booking for a hotel you can’t afford then cancel it just before it would cost you money.
  7. Go into stores that you would never shop in
  8. Contribute to websites you have absolutely no interest in

Get the picture? But more importantly, there’s a serious message here.. Get used to Disruption and (in the words of Tom Peters!), you’ll thrive on the chaos…

This article was attributed and provided by PG International


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