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Ten strategic disruptive technology Trends from Gartner

  • AI foundation
    AI is seen as enhancing decision making, reinventing business models and reshaping the customer experience in many industries. We all think we know about AI but we have still to see a meaningful impact on industries thus far. These are early day sin terms of its use and adoption, but within just a few years Gartner believes AI will be in every CIO’s top ten of investment priorities.
  • Intelligent Apps and Analytics
    Organisations will be looking to explore ‘intelligent’ apps that augment human activity.
  • Intelligent Things
    Things will be enabled to operate semi or fully autonomously. Your hoover for example will be so configured to operate automatically every day.
  • Digital Twins
    Digital representations of real-world things enabling scientists to test their theories on the digital twin before applying it to real life.
  • Edge computing
    Computation and processing moves closer to the user/thing. The cloud of processor id brought closer to the thing using the information thus reducing the constraints of bandwidth.
  • Conversational Platforms
    We will be able to have a more conversational interaction with a computer
  • Immersive experiences
    AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) become mixed reality (MR) dissolving the boundaries between the digital and physical world
  • Blockchain
    The fourth quarter saw enormous growth in just one aspect of blockchain – cryptocurrencies
  • Event driven
    A more flexible approach to have computing power is applied. Computing becomes more driven by events and real-time situations.
  • Continuous Adaptive Risk & Trust
    Real-time adaptive risk and trust-based decision making.

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