Time to promote optimal aging

Its time for a much more positive discussion about the challenges of ageing populations. In an interesting article by Parmina Rainar writing in he argues for the need to research to find ways promote the best outcomes for those later in life. Promoting the wellbeing of the elderly in a positive environment ultimately has economic benefits of reducing costs of looking after the elderly.

We need to invest in research that’s focused on interventions and strategies that promote optimal aging and promise better health, higher quality of life, improved dignity and greater financial and social security — not just to older adults, but to all generations.

If older adults as they age can live independently and safely in their homes of choice with the right community, transportation, social and health-care systems in place, we all benefit. We benefit from their expertise and contributions to younger generations. The economy benefits, and society as a whole benefits.

Age-friendly communities and neighbourhoods mean lower reliance on private transportation and easier access to exercise and social engagement opportunities. Evidence shows that people who are more active, mobile and connected with other people not only stay healthier longer, but are more productive members of our community.

We need to reform our approach to caring for the aging population by bringing care closer to where they live, where it also costs less to deliver and does more good. That care should involve neighbours and other volunteers who look out for one another because they understand how damaging and deadly social isolation can be.

Of course, it’s important that we improve how we manage the health of older adults. We need to have more community and home-based care that is responsive to the health and social needs of our aging population and reserve more expensive hospital-based care for those with more complex needs.

It’s time to reimagine aging as an asset, rather than a burden, for our communities

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