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Trumped up policies only accelerates global re-alignments

The surprise decision of President Trump to cancel the forthcoming summit with the North Korean leader Kim Jong Yung can only further push other countries to find political alignments away from the United States. Most commentators would have conceded that US policymaking at very least paid more than lip service to trying to serve the greater good. However current US foreign policymaking is more akin to US-centric, indeed self-(Presidential) centred on the hoof policymaking.

Some commentators may not have been surprised that President Trump cancelled the summit but only because they were thinking more about the President’ personality rather than the merits of an argument that had been built for the cancellation.

The populist President will continue to wreak global political disruption so long as the opposition to his views remains fragmented. The eurozone political leadership has quietly tried to apply some pressure to dilute down the re-imposition of US sanctions on Iran. South Korea must be worrying about which way can it turn. For sure the President’s decision appears to have been taken without any forewarning to their supposed allies in South Korea. Could the South Korean’s realign with China. The scale of the South Korean’s disappointment shouldn’t be underestimated as the Washington Post reported Chung Dong-young, who was unification minister in South Korea’s last progressive government, when Moon was chief of staff, said Trump’s sudden announcement was “an act of disrespect toward the president of an allied nation.” 

South Korea is desperate for a peace and may increasingly see that their aims are much more aligned with way China sees the situation than the US. Indeed Chian appears to have already given up on the US approach of maximum pressure. Chinese goods appear to be moving to North Korea again they have allowed workers from North Korea to re-enter the country.

As may be a sign of the future, this past week the leaders of China, Japan and South Korea pledged to work together on the North Korea issues. Their meeting coincided with the first summit for the Northeast Asian countries in two years. Whilst anti-Japanese sentiment still runs deep in China and South Korea the three nations are deepening their political and economic ties. The leaders have agreed to hold trilateral talks on both political and economic development.

President Trump and the United States may need to look out Asia may just want to run Asia.

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