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TV advertisement of Deliveroo banned for being misleading

A television ad for Deliveroo was prohibited because it suggested that the food supply company could deliver anywhere in the UK.

The ad, displayed in March, showed different scenes of individuals using the Deliveroo app and delivering food to them, all in uncommon locations or situations. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said it was “probable to mislead” because delivery “was unrestricted throughout the UK” was incorrectly implied. Deliveroo said he felt the text on the screen had made it clear that there were limitations.

After apparently tunneling underground to escape from prison, somebody is shown in the ad getting a shipment in a field. It is also shown that an astronaut receives a shipment in space. In the meantime, a voice-over says: “Order what you want; where you want it,” while text at the bottom of the screen reads: “Some limitations apply, clearly…”

There were 22 complaints from individuals who said that the ad was misleading, knowing that Deliveroo did not deliver to their fields. The parent business of Deliveroo, Roofoods, said the exaggerated scenes in the ad showed that it was not intended to depict true life-merely that Deliveroo could be ordered in separate everyday places.

It also said clients were able to inspect their app to see if their region had been covered without any price. But the ASA said spectators were inclined to take the statement “Order what you want ; where you want ; when you want it” literally without any further explanation.

“Because we considered the ad suggested delivery was unrestricted throughout the UK when that was not the case, we concluded that it was likely to mislead,” it said.

The ad must not reappear in its present form and it has been told to Roofoods to guarantee comparable allegations do not reappear in its marketing. A spokesperson for Deliveroo said: “Deliveroo designed a playful advert to demonstrate that individuals can order food for a variety of occasions, whether at home or at job, through our service.

“We know some will be disappointed that their local area isn’t currently served by Deliveroo, but we are expanding rapidly across the UK.”

Article originally featured by BBC.

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