UK life expectancy drops for the first time in a decade…. A sign of the times?

In a recent study by the Office of National Statistics in the UK they showed a one year drop in the life expectancy of both men and woman compared to a similar study two years earlier.  The ONS project that by 2014 life expectancy for woman would be 86.2 and 83.4 for men. In this interesting article by two academics they argue that this could represent a very clear statement of how the limitations of government spending on welfare are starting to impose a limit on how long people will live for. It reads much like creeping euthanasia. We simply cannot afford to keep you alive. According to the authors numerous studies have shown that cuts in welfare spending especially in older pensioners can be linked to a rise in deaths. In the summer of 2017 a study by Michael Marmot’s Institute of Health Equity was linking health service cuts to rising dementia deaths and a drop in life expectancy. Indeed the British Medical Journal Open concluded that the rate of deaths due to austerity was on the increases. The academics find little to persuade them that the UK has reached a natural high level of age expectancy that was going to inevitably flat line or fall back. The UK ranked below 19 European countries even back in 2015 when the data was last presented.

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