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You are being watched, even offline all in the name of AI

Amazon is taking people-watching to new heights. Whilst we all know that the way in which we interact with our mobile phone is tracked by numerous bog brothers now we may be watched as we wander around shopping. reports that numerous retailers now have the capability to follow our every move as we wander around their stores. Using sensors and actuators in stores and malls they are tracking how we move around and how we interact with products. “In Amazon Go grocery stores, for instance, these devices already track customers’ movements to see how long the customers interact with products. Data collected by Amazon sensors is stored in the Android app and Amazon account, which are required to shop in Amazon Go stores. In this way, Amazon accumulates mountains of data about consumers.”

Amazon’s intention is to re-design the store to make marketing and product placement even more effective. One can only hope that this enables us to shop more efficiently rather than just buying more stuff.

This article was attributed and provided by PG International


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