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Will ‘Renew’ Disrupt UK politics?

A new UK political party “Renew” launches in the coming days with the aim of disrupting UK politics. The last disruptive party UKIP has largely fallen by the way side after its ‘victory in Brexit vote. The Renew launch material suggest that the party will provide “alternative leadership for our country and renew Britain’s hope”. Their core objectives are to “reverse Brexit, reduce inequality and renew our economy”.

The Renew party is clearly looking to appeal to younger voters. Most younger voters voted against Brexit in the referendum last year. Also, younger voters feel disenfranchised by the low levels of wages and high cost of housing – hence the appeal of “reduce inequality” mantra.

The Renew party is looking to find candidates outside of the usual UK political mainstream. With an aim of recruiting candidates for the party from all walks of life it is clearly trying to distinguish itself from the career politicians, political elite that largely dominates UK politics.

UKIP aside, UK politics has not had a serious challenge to a largely two horse race for government of Labour and Conservative parties in recent years.

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